Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thankful Tuesday

Since it's the month of November I've been seeing lots of people on Facebook start sharing all the things they're grateful for each day since Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I thought this is a great way for us to focus on the good in life rather than all the things we wish we had and all. So until Thanksgiving every Tuesday will be 'Thankful Tuesday'. I encourage you to comment below and let me know what YOU are thankful for!

Gratitude List
  • Day 1: For my family... they have been there for me all the way. Even when everything came crumbling down they were there to help.
  • Day 2: For Nathan, my son. Words can't really do justice. I love all our inside jokes and goofiness.
  • Day 3: For all my friends who have been there for me and for the distant ones where we could not talk for months, but pick right back up where we left off!
  • Day 4: For my cat, Charlie. An animals unconditional love is a treasure.
  • Day 5: For toilets. Enough said.


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