Saturday, October 26, 2013

Doing The Saturday Cha-Cha

It is the weekend!! Yaaaaay! However, I have a lot to get done. I have a TON of fall leaves in my backyard so I am going to make raking turn into a fun fall project!! I am setting out to make a 'LEAF BOWL'. Pictures soon to come... Yesterday I finished my new business collage to help keep my spirit motivated! I hung it over my little workstation so it can stare me in the face every day. Next, I am working on a filing system so I can cut down on this mountain of various business cards, flyers, notes, and more. I'm hoping this way I can actually FIND SOMETHING!! lol Wish me luck. It was also suggested to me to do a journaling project in my spare time as well. I love writing... so to me that sounds like a good time. Like I said, LOTS to do! So, I better get started!!!!
Batman reminds me to 'quit procrastinating and work on my art!'

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